Code4Lib 2009 videos online

For those of you who could not make it to code4lib 2009, the videos are now online:

Lightning Talks:

I recommend the following:

What We Talk About When We Talk About FRBR by Jody Schneider and William Denton. This talk was by far the best talk about FRBR I have heard, and I have sat through many, many FRBR talks. If you are still unclear about FRBR (which, if my assumption is correct, the majority of you out there), this talk will definitely clear some of the fog around FRBR.

LibX 2.0 by Godmar Back. LibX has been around for a while, and if your library doesn’t have this app, place this on the top of your to-do list. If you do have LibX (yay!) this presentation will get your idea engine running.

A New Platform for Open Data РIntroducing ‡ Web Services by Joshua Ferraro. This is the mandatory LibLime mention.

The lightning talks are also something to check out. Who knows, you just might see the author presenting somewhere in one of those videos…