A day in the life of a bibliographic systems librarian, part four

What’s this?! No epic emails or meetings? *sigh*


7:15 am – bike to work, clean up, boot computer, start making genmai-cha

7:25 am – launched tweetdeck, Pandora, read gmail, feeds, and other things

7:30 am – Minions come back to work

7:42 am – planet toc updated. Going through the various toc feeds

7:48 am – checked wiki and wiki calendar

7:53 am – checked work email and calendar

7:54 am – email from minion suggesting workflow change in receiving dups from circulation and stacks maintenance. Signed off on my end, waiting for others to do the same

7:57 am – worked on duplicates report… which turned out to be a repeat from yesterday’s report

8:02 am – checked work calendar again. Meeting at 10, otherwise free for the rest of the day….

8:03 am – spoke too soon. Receipt cataloging procedure needs changing on the wiki.

8:10 am – started going through inbox, cleaning, rearranging, and catch any possible backburner issues

8:16 am – read department meeting notes from earlier this week

8:19 am – one email away from Inbox 0. Last email dealing with Butler County’s adoption of Nixle, a community information service. Signing up to receive notices

8:25 am – signed up for Nixle notices. Dept. head signed off on workflow change. Inbox 0

8:26 am – went to MARC proposals page to look at 542 and 260 proposals

8:38 am – emailed dept. head and catalog librarian about 542 field

8:43 am – now to look at the 260 proposal more closely… if I can find it first

8:57 am – failed horribly to find anything relating to the 260 change… Ohhhh, it’s a 2001 proposal. That’s an old one. Why has it taken this long to implement the change, OCLC?

9:09 am – secretly feeling sorry for our future ER/S librarian who has to deal with the OCLC-MARC changes while they are in full swing

9:18 am – enough with 260 changes. Started work on evaluation forms for new faculty orientation next month

9:30 am –sent email asking for titles of breakout session at orientation. Started preparation for training employee in AutoIt. Selecting Macro Express script to convert during the first training session. Baby steps, Becky, baby steps

9:40 am – checked in with new faculty orientation head about getting those evaluation forms online. Topic has been placed on agenda for next meeting

10:00 am – AutoIt training session

11:22 am – Back from training session #1. Lots of emails to catch up with

11:33 am – inbox 0 did not last for long. Reading DMS agenda for Monday, testing out survey tools before sending them off to the IRB process

12:00 pm – lunch!

1:00 pm – back from lunch. (yet again spent at the computer). Emailed news about Elsevier selling off LJ, SLJ, and PW to other librarians. Waiting for riot to ensue

1:10 pm – W00t! Free afternoon. Now what is on my to-do list…

1:20 pm – switched Pandora to “I miss the 80s” station. Started work on super secret project (well, super secret to you folks)

2:15 pm – Sent some reading material to employee learning AutoIt. Safari_books_online++

3:00 pm – mandatory 15 min break

3:15 pm – back from break. Time to schedule meetings, lucky me…

3:25 pm – call for help from employee learning AutoIt. Going to her rescue

3:50 pm – back from call of help. Employee built her first AutoIt script! W00t!

4:19 pm – impromptu meeting with dept. head

4:24 – look more emails to respond to. Joy

4:40 – Prepare stuff to work on tomorrow

5:00 – bike home, dodging rain showers on the way

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