A day in the life of a bibliographic systems librarian, part five

In where I actually get to do more of the “systems” part of my job…


7:15 am – bike to work, clean up, boot computer, start making jasmine tea

7:30 am – launched tweetdeck, Pandora, read gmail, feeds, and other things.  Minions either on vacation or at work

7:35 am – the computer is very slow today

7:40 am – started tea consumption. Minion letting me know that there’s another 250 or so books coming our way for receipt cataloging

7:48 am – checked and backed up wiki

7:54 am – checked work email and calendar

8:08 am – time to start on the monthly report

8:27 am – finished monthly report. Time for blueberry muffins

8:43 am – successfully invaded Information Services department and acquired blueberry muffins. Also had the chance to look over the second edition of Who’s Who in Hell. Back to emails

9:09 am – Worked on OhioLINK errors report

9:13 am – EGL-IUG proposal due today. Need to start refining program proposal

9:23 am – the interwebz are slow today. Checked to see if there are any system outages or problems that the dept should know about

9:37 am – looks like IT is updating Windows stuff. Probably why things are slow right now. Sent proposal to EGL –IUG. Look over weekly stats…

9:41 am – Need to figure out a way to rework stats SQL queries. Previous databases are not updating and current databases are not displaying the correct information. Crack open Filezilla, phpMyAdmin and notepad++

9:54 am – w00t! I have one major SQL query pulling the right information. Now to work on the other 15 or so

10:00 am – banana and 15 min mandatory break

10:15 am – back from break. Checked feeds and then back to SQL hacking

10:15 am – printer refused to print. Smacked printer, now works

11:44 am – have the first php stats page fixed. Cleaning up records that have missing CAT DATE dates

12:00 pm – lunch!

12:57 pm – back early from lunch. Futzing with re-tooled stats and SQL

2:23 pm – almost done with the futzing. Switched Pandora to “Tek-no” radio

2:30 pm – employee has mysterious pop-up asking for her password. Trying to figure out what’s going on…

2:49 pm – login to another database is broken. Fun times on a Friday afternoon…

3:05 pm – fixed stats problem the best I could. 15 min mandatory break

3:17 pm – back from break. Checked feeds and email

3:43 pm – last challenge for the day – broken logins. Switch Pandora to Power Metal station

3:56 pm – requested access to former co-worker’s server space. The file that is causing the login problem lives there, and I need access to it. Going back to emails to clean out the inbox before I go home for the weekend

4:25 pm – Oh look a book… going through professional lit books piled high on my shelf…

4:50 pm –get items around for next week

5:00 pm – out to dinner with some library peeps :c)


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