A day in the life of a bibliographic systems librarian, part three

Son of epic email and meetings!


7:15 am – bike to work, clean up, start making jasmine tea, boot up computer

7:30 am – minions invade department

7:33 am – launched Pandora client on new age radio, open and check tweetdeck, check gmail, feeds, other things, start tea consumption

7:44 am – the tea isn’t working. Moving slower than usual today

7:49 am – checked work email and calendar

7:51 am – received feedback from Dean about epic email part 2. Will have to converse with dept. head about feedback and next steps

8:02 am – check wiki and wiki calendar

8:03 am – wiki is still intact. That is a good sign

8:09 am – meeting with dept. head

8:26 am – end meeting with dept. head.

8:27 am – ACK! Forgot to put seat cover on bike! Run outside before it’s too late

8:31 am – bike seat covered. Composing email to update members of a library working group

8:34 am – email sent to working group. Responding to questions about the beta planet toc feed email sent yesterday. (We are just experimenting with this, we don’t have the staff time to devote to the level of routing that we used to do, do you really want to receive C&RL News five months after the publication date?)

9:03 am – feedback email sent. Still very groggy. Off now to the copier to copy several documents and mail them to the lucky people who get to read them

9:22 am – commented on one of my minion’s sudden quietness. Shared stories about small children being too quiet in the next room…

9:25 am – started revising section on video podcasting in the international student outreach article. Office too bright, shut window blinds to convert office into cave. I’m happier with this arrangement

9:30 am – writer’s block. Switched to duplicate records report

9:35 am – sent out email to catalogers notifying them about the upcoming OCLC-MARC changes. Back to duplicates

9:42 am – sent gov pub duplicate to gov pub cataloger. Received holy quest from dept. head to construct report on how OCLC-MARC changes would significantly mess with workflow and local procedures. Also realized that I have a meeting at 10, and should probably get back to work on the article

9:55 am – email flood. Need to take care of them before meeting

10:00 am – meeting #1

10:35 am – meeting #1 done. Lots of email to respond to

10:42 am – check RSS feeds

10:51 am – time to start the report on OCLC-MARC changes

11:03 am – does anyone have any aspirin? Change Pandora station to symphonic radio

11:22 am – trying to stay focused on OCLC-MARC changes report

11:58 am – made OCLC-MARC changes report pretty, sent off to Catalog Librarian to add her changes.

12:00 pm – lunch!

1:00 pm – back from lunch. Check slideshare and linkedin accounts for any updates. Switch Pandora to “I miss the 80s” radio

1:05 pm – dismayed to hear that one of my librarian friends in WI is walking away from the profession. Tweet-ranted for a bit, clearly need to read things over before hitting send

1:19 pm – email time

1:29 pm – email dealt with. Now for morbid curiosity time: How much are we spending on the print version of the journals that I have on the beta planet toc service?

2:09 pm – done collecting prices from our catalog. I forgot how expensive Haworth titles are.

2:15 pm – sent price list to dept. head. Also sent OCLC-MARC changes report to dept. head, after the Catalog Librarian gave her ok

2:19 pm – started email to interested AUTOCAT folks who want to help with organizing the information in the listserv in an easily accessible format.

2:38 pm – email sent. Sent another email to employee asking her availability to get together for AutoIt training

2:44 pm – scheduled first AutoIt training session with employee for tomorrow

2:45 pm – double-checked with Catalog Librarian about OCLC-MARC changes report before we make the report final.

2:49 pm – finalized draft, sent to dept. head. Also posted to wiki.

2:57 pm – still trying to wrap head around new 542 field. Tweeted for help. Responded to emails from AUTOCAT wiki folks

3:00 pm – 15 min mandatory break

3:15 pm – back to work. Emails yet again

3:23 pm – I have officially crashed. Read tweets and feeds

3:34 pm – researched requirements for presentation proposal. Let’s see if I wake up enough to write something

4:00 pm – it’s slow going, but I have something in the works

4:27 pm – sent draft presentation for proofreading. Trying to decide if the presentation should be geared towards newbies or ppl with some programming experience. Checked feeds… yeah, I’m pretty much going to catch up on feeds and tweets for the rest of the day

4:40 pm – prepare items to work on tomorrow

5:00 pm – (hopefully) bike home

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