A day in the life of a bibliographic systems librarian, part two

More epic emails! More meetings!


7:15 am – bike to work, clean up, start making genmai-cha, boot up computer

7:25 am – launch Pandora client on new age radio, open and check tweetdeck, check gmail, feeds, other things

7:30 am – minions come in wide awake

7:40 am – check work email and calendar, start tea consumption

7:43 am – check wiki

7:47 am – fix entries on the wiki calendar

7:53 am – start email to dept head with the news that III is going to compete with OCLC’s cataloging bib utility. In addition, ask head for help with epic email part 2.

8:00 am – minion update

8:02 am – back to poking dept. head with news and email composition

8:06 am – answer from yesterday regarding mystery duplicate code. Deleted dup code (yay easy fix)

8:14 am – back to poking dept. head with news and email composition

8:20 am – Employee lost password for wiki. Reset password. Back yet again to epic email part 2

8:56 am – minion interruption: gave the supply order form a new home on the wiki

9:05 am – half way done with epic email part 2. Yes, a very long, detailed email requires lots of research

9:39 am – sent off draft of epic email part 2 to dept. head. Couple of minutes to recover, and then check email

9:46 am – respond back to a statewide working group regarding training in a new ILS module

9:47 am – panic call from employee who can’t get into dept Google calendar. Resolved problem

9:59 am – bad email address for one of the working group folks. Grrr

10:04 am – bad email address solved, also resolved another panic call from employee about Google calendar. Banana and 15 min mandatory break

10:15 am – break done. Received feedback on draft of epic email part 2. Revising and sending another draft

10:20 am – draft #2 sent. Prepare for meeting #1 and reading OLE Project Final Report

10:30 am – meeting #1

11:30 am – meeting #1 done. Lots and lots of email to check

11:35 am – add HR contact information on wiki per meeting #1

11:38 am – respond back to statewide working group with more questions about ILS training

11:42 am – checked in with the Google doc copy of an article I am collaborating on about outreach to international students. Note to self – touch up section about tech specs on video podcasting

11:55 am – checked RSS feeds, sneaked in a lolcat or two

12:00 pm – lunch!

1:00 pm – officially back to work (even though I’ve been reading emails and tweets for a while).  Make the routing list all pretty like to give to dept. head to get the okay to send out planet toc beta feed to librarians list

1:09 pm – got the revised draft back. Sent epic email part 2 to Dean. Crossing fingers

1:30 pm – meeting #2

2:05 pm – meeting #2 done. Continued work on routing list and email. Fished some information about hidden routed journals.

2:14 pm – Why are we paying for something that we can get free online? Researching more and building argument to drop subscription

2:30 pm – training session for receipt cataloging for employee

2:57 pm – training session done. Mandatory 15 min break

3:13 pm – back from “break.” Gave a “sure, go ahead” to co-worker looking at newer PURL service

3:15 pm – back to researching more and building argument to drop subscription

3:37 pm – yeah, we really don’t need to subscribe to that anymore. Sent email with evidence to dept. head

3:48 pm – sent off routing list and email to dept. head for distribution to other librarians. W00t! Trying to find to-do list for next thing to do

3:52 pm – deal with an issue that has been set on the back burner for a while. The XML file used to help catalog ETDs is broken in several ways. Time to go and try to fix as much as possible

4:03 pm – XML problem one sent off to OhioLINK. Now to deal with problem two, which deals with file sizes

4:07 pm – XML problem one solved!

4:08 pm – got the go ahead from dept. head to send out planet toc beta feed and routing list to librarians. Send yet another email…

4:14 pm – started dealing with XML problem two

4:28 pm – turned out that XML problem two was fixed before I got to it. It is fixed, but that doesn’t tell me much about how to fix it in the future. Minion who catalogs ETD is now happy again

4:30 pm – began playing around with III URL Checker to see if we can get better use out of it than we do now

4:45 pm – wind down for the day, set up things to work on tomorrow

5:00 pm – bike home

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