A day in the life of a bibliographic systems librarian

The second round of Library Day in the Life started today. Here is the raw, unedited script of a day of my life at work.

Just another manic Monday…

7:09 am – arrived early at work via bike (I blame my sister), clean self up, start making jasmine tea
7:20 am – boot the computer, go through twitter, gmail, and rss feeds, fire up the Pandora client to new age radio
7:24 am – Hmmmm…. Day in the life of a librarian. Let’s try this out
7:30 am – tea consumption, minions dutifully come into work bright eyed and bushy tailed
7:40 am – Check dept wiki and calendar
7:43 am – Check work email and calendar
7:43:15 am – It’s going to be a long morning
7:44 am – adjust calendar alarms for meetings today
7:46 am – mental note to self – write conference presentation proposal
7:50 am – checked in with minions, continue with email reading and responding
8:07 am – checked out presentations posted online at http://www.personal.kent.edu/~mbmaurer/TEDSIG2009_000.html
8:10 am – too early in the morning to see raw marc records
8:13 am – checked to see if planet toc cronjob ran. Yep :c) Google Reader and Outlook both updated. Bloglines didn’t update – again. Grrr
8:14 am –worked on dup reports – still too early in the morning to work with marc records…
8:22 am – sent email to serials person to determine mystery code that is causing some trouble
8:24 am – reset due dates for article proposal reminders, send in monthly leave report
8:30 am – worked on planet toc RSS list. Trying to find out which print serials route to which librarian
8:36 am – III refused to print routing lists. Grrr. Bypassing problem by alt+print scrn
8:53 am – finished with print screens. Prepare for meeting #1
9:00 am – meeting #1
9:51 am – meeting #1 done. Checked email. Found OhioLINK Error report. Time to fix more records…
9:57 am – stomach growling. Banana and mandated 15 min break
10:14 am – back from break. Checked twitter, rss feeds, emails
10:21 am – time to approve timesheets
10:30 am – meeting #2
10:46 am – meeting #2 done. Checked email. Emailed employee to set up receipt cataloging training time for today or tomorrow
10:51 am – time to start working on the epic email assigned at meeting #1, switched Pandora to Chant radio
11:37 am – sent draft of epic email. Catching up on emails sent during drafting. Confirmed training time with employee. Helped co-worker test out a voting system (still buggy)
11:42 am – opened and read new classified staff employment manual from the Dean.
12:00 pm – Lunch!
1:00 pm – officially back to work (even though I’ve been reading emails/feeds/tweets during the break). Received edited draft of epic email back from dept. head. Fixing it up to send to the Dean of Libraries
1:06 pm – Sent epic email to the Dean. Now to tabulate the routing list to see if any of the routed journals that do not have RSS feeds available have a substantial following. Screenshots away!
1:07 pm – interruption: minion database maintenance update. 500 in a list of 4000 problem MARC records completed. Progress report: records are messy, but not hopeless
1:22 pm – Turned out that the routing list from III does not match the one we keep separately. Added additional RSS feeds to planet toc and ran python file for update
1:35 pm – W00t! No 503 errors during the update! Prepare for meeting #3
2:00 – meeting #3
2:15 – meeting #3 done. Found full text access to a journal previously thought not to have FT access. Time to fix that one. Switched Pandora to “I miss the 80s” radio.
2:27 pm – searching for more hidden FT access…
2:31 pm – Receipt cataloging problem: book had incorrect bib record attached to order record. Forwarded to Acquisitions Librarian to address order record issue
2:37 pm – checked email. Begged and pleaded for an OLINK staff login, which I have been requesting for about a year now through various venues
2:52 pm – back to searching for more hidden FT access… only to be interrupted by another email with an update on the new library website
3:00 pm – mandatory 15 min break
3:10 pm – snuck in email to usability study principle investigator about the possibility of getting a help page up for the new OPAC
3:17 pm – off to help a co-worker set up her PBWorks and Google Calendar accounts to access the work wiki and calendar
3:38 pm – done with set up. Now back to RSS feeds. Found another one!
3:51 pm – I have an OLINK login! YAY!
4:15 pm – redid routing list that lists what we have available for RSS and FT
4:25 pm – talked to dept. head about revised routing list
4:40 pm – answered the last emails for the day. Set up items to work on for tomorrow
5:00 pm – bike home

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