Who am I?

Becky Yoose, founder of and Library Data Privacy Consultant at LDH Consulting Services. One part MA-LIS from UW-Madison, one part CIPP/US, one part CIPT, one part cat herder.

How do you pronounce your last name?

Yoose is pronounced with a long “o”, like the “o” in “most”.

What do I do?

I guide libraries and vendors through the complex landscape of library data privacy.

And other duties as assigned. As always.

What did I do before this?

I was the Library Applications and Systems Manager for The Seattle Public Library, where I oversaw library enterprise applications and systems operations at The Seattle Public Library, including the integrated library system, the discovery layer, and the staff intranet. I also oversaw data management at the Library, including the locally developed data warehouse and policies regarding privacy and security of the data therein.

Before that I was Assistant Professor and Discovery and Integrated Systems Librarian at Grinnell College. I coordinated the researching, planning, implementation, maintenance and assessment of technologies used in the Grinnell College Libraries for workflow, resource discovery, and user services. This included the Sierra ILS, Digital Grinnell (powered by Islandora, OJS, and OCS), and a variety of library applications for both library users and staff.

Back in my early days, I was the Bibliographic Systems Librarian at the Miami University Libraries, where I implemented and maintained various technologies and applications for the Technical Services department. Half cataloger, half coder.

If you want to know the full professional back story, feel free to look through the CV posted on the site.

What are my interests?

My interests fall into the many intersections of technology and libraries. This ranges from the practicalities of adoption or non-adoption of technologies in libraries to the way technology has changed the culture and function of modern librarianship.

Other interests include:

  • The patron data life cycle, with an emphasis on data privacy and security
  • Linked open data and the semantic web
  • Metadata and cataloging
  • Documentation
  • Organizational cultures and structures
  • Community maintenance and labor

Lastly – not an interest per se, but I believe in Big Tent Librarianship.

Where am I online?

I’m on a current social media hiatus, but if you are on Mastodon I might come out of my hibernation once in a great while.

Previously I was active on Twitter at @yo_bj.

A selection of presentations and papers can be found at:

Other places where I live online can be found on the side menu (or header if you are on a mobile device).

Am I available for speaking at events or consultation work?

Yes! Email me at b.yoose@gmail.com with your inquiry and we can take it from there.

Lard, butter, or shortening?